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Crab Tipsa Professional Eyebrow Tweezer

High quality, stainless steel tweezers with a unique shape -  thin “crab” tip - perfect for extremely precise work and maximum comfort level for the client.

Cruelty Free Eyebrow Tweezers – Set of Three

Three Mini Eyebrow Tweezers For Shaping, Defining & Grooming Brows, Great For Touchups On The Go, Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Kit includes a flat top tweezer for removing thicker hair, angled tip tweezer for shaping brows, and pointed tip tweezers for fine and ingrown hair.

Precision Tweezer set of 4

Tirdkid Tweezers Set 4-piece, Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers, Precision Tweezers for Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Ingrown Hair, Splinter, Blackhead and Tick Removal

Professional Eyebrow Tweezer

Professional eyebrow tweezers, crafted from durable stainless steel, the angled tweezers are designed with perfectly aligned, hand-filed angle precision tips, allowing you to grip even the smallest of hairs for an expertly groomed finish.

Professional Eyebrow Tweezer with Comb

We’ve combined two of the most important tools in a brow artist’s kit into one handy little tool! The new and innovative So Henna Brow Tweezers combine two tools: sharp and precise tweezers with perfect grip, and a comb, ensuring a perfect finish every time!